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I Love LA!


I call Los Angeles home because I spent most of my life there. It is is not what it once was, but it is still a great place to visit.

The weather is almost perfect. Never too hot or cold, very little rain (not always a good thing, as we are always in a drought) and SO MANY THINGS TO DO. This is a place you can visit any time of the year.

Here are my top picks for places to go when you visit LA.




(Credit: Genaro Molina /Los Angeles Times)

I worked in downtown Los Angeles for many years and I always had a blast shopping, eating and just hanging out with my co-workers during our extended lunches…

Yes, we did take 2 hour lunch breaks. But hey, what can I say? It’s LA!

  • Downtown LA is a coalition of nearly 2,000 property owners in the Central Business District, they have been improving the downtown area for quite some time now and it’s AMAZING! It’s not downtown NY, but it’s still AMAZING.
  • Follow the Los Angeles Conservatory Walking Tour and enjoy historic downtown Los Angeles. Enjoy the historic Art Deco Building, theaters, and modern skyscrapers.




Photos Venice Paparazzi Edizen Stowell. Venice Paparazzi.

The infamous Venice Beach, land of the freaks and weirdos (just joking). Venice is the bohemian epicenter of the Los Angeles area. It is the place where the eccentric LA natives like to hangout. The beautiful thing about Venice is the Venice Boardwalk, where the talented artists call to the artist in all of us, they make this place truly special.

  • Visit Venice Beach to learn more about things to do in Venice, CA.



Photo Credit Megg McGrath

You can’t visit Venice without going next door to Santa Monica, CA. Santa Monica is one of the most visited cities in California and is home to the well-renowned Santa Monica Pier. Santa Monica averages more than 300 days of sunshine per year. I have always enjoyed walking the Santa Monica Pier and biking the 26-mile path (that begins in Santa Monica) along the beaches with my family. The nightlife is also great in here!

  • The Third Street Promenade in downtown Santa Monica has some pretty cool stores. You can walk the promenade and enjoy the cool ocean breeze, shop national brand stores, unique boutiques, and delicious food. They also have entertainment and regular events on the Promenade. The Third Street Promenade runs from Wilshire Blvd. down to Broadway.
  • Santa Monica Place features an open-air shopping rooftop Dining Deck that offers ocean views with casual dining and chef-driven restaurants as well as an ArcLight Cinema.
  • Santa Monica Pier is a good place to chill, enjoy the ocean, eat good food and ride on the historic Santa Monica Carousel. You can visit the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

There is so much more to do in Santa Monica, so just go to Things to do in  Santa Monica to learn more.


I lived in the Miracle Mile area for at least a decade before moving to Studio City. It has changed a lot, but the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is still going strong.




Citywalk is my old stomping ground (Studio City is next door), as my business partner Leon-Claude Hobson-Coard worked for Universal Pictures for many, many years and we always enjoyed going on the backlot and seeing all the amazing movie props and eating lunch or dinner there. Citywalk features a slew of attractions and quite a few world-famous restaurants: some of my favorites include the Hardrock Cafe, Pinks Famous Hot Dogs, Johnny Rockets and Buca di Beppo. Popcornopolis is not a restaurant, but their Kettle Corn is so good.

Visit Universal Citywalk Hollywood for more information.