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How To Dine Alone Confidently

Whether you are a social butterfly or are a lone wolf, there are times when you gotta go to a restaurant alone. Maybe you wanna go out, but none of your buddies are available that day. Some people dread it, as they are embarrassed about looking lonely, vulnerable, or stood up. There is nothing shameful about dining alone, in fact, you may find it enjoyable! Here are a few tips to help you happily dine solo.

First, be confident. Walk in like you own the restaurant and be firm, but polite when addressing restaurant staff.

Second, Use the ladies room before you sit down and order. I know it sounds silly, but as a former solo diner myself I know what a hassel it can be to ask a waiter to watch your food while you run to the powder room.

Third, Never leave your food or drinks unattended. It may seem like common-sense, but I have seen people to this.

If you sit alone at the bar as a woman, do not engage others unless you are truly interested in conversation. A simple, friendly hello may lead to unwanted attention from men you are not interested in. Unfortunately, a woman alone at a bar can be seen as prey by creeps and a target for harassment. You can handle yourself, but its annoying and get old really quickly.

If you are drinking, do so responsibly. This means know your limit and stay aware of your surroundings. If you are what you would consider “tipsy” you should probably close your tab.
Finally, stay safe and take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to get back home if you consumed alcohol!


Article Written by:
Sherren Hill
Artist & Flight Attendant

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