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I bought a pair of FLY London Yaz shoes, in my quest to find comfortable shoes. In my opinion, they are not the most stylish pair of shoes, but they look really comfortable. The larger your shoe size the more unattractive the shoe.  My true shoe size is 8.5 (US), but sometimes I do wear a size 9 and my feet are more narrow than average. In FLY London, I had to get a 40 because the 39 (which is 8.0 to 8.5 US) was a little too tight at the toe. There was a huge difference in the look of the shoe between the 39 and 40. Size 40 is bulky and not the most attractive on me (I’m tall and very slender).

The heel was a little loose, so they would have a tendency to come off with every step. I did try to wear a pair of socks, it would prevent me from walking out of the shoe, but then the toe box is too tight. I currently use an insole, which helps, but it’s not the most comfortable shoe for my foot.

Take away, if you have an average foot then you will probably enjoy the comfort of the shoe. If you have a more narrow foot, this is probably not the best shoe for you.

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