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Inexpensive Ways to Decorate For Thanksgiving


Turkey Day is coming, but don’t worry you’ve got this!


We at Sherry’s Villa have come up with some helpful decorating tips for you to make Thanksgiving more festive. Impress all of your friends and family with these simple diy’s

Utilize those Autumn crops

1.)make a quick run to your neighborhood supermarket and pick up some pumpkins, gourds and squash.

2.) Lay them out and stack them in an arrangement in the center of your dinner table
*Optional: You can also give your crops a glass-like finish by pouring clear epoxy resin over them. This option will require more time, safety precautions and money, but your decorations will last for years and make you look like a master at crafting.

3.) Lay battery-operated white string lights (or fairy lights) throughout your arrangement.

Use Doilies

1.) Purchase doilies of various sizes and patterns and place them under plates, glasses and/or decorations
*Optional: You can use food safe paint to make doilies fall colors (Gold spray paint would look great)
3.)Arrange and overlap them as you’d like them

Make Thanksgiving Inspired canvas art

1.) Get a few large canvases and cheap craft paints from your local art store (or Superstore)
2.) Stick to autumn-inspired colors such as

Deep orange
Burnt sienna
Deep eggplant
Muted yellow or beige
Gold leaf (papers to stick on painting)

3.) Create beautiful abstract works or try to create pumpkin and gourd shapes
(work that imagination)

Add Decorations to your pumpkins
The possibilities are endless

1.) Paint them using a sponge technique, just blot thin layered of color with a craft sponge
*polka dots and stripes work too
2.) Add gold or silver leaf (get a little fancy)
*put a thin layer of adhesive where you want the gold leaf, place your gold leaf over the area. Last, use a clean paintbrush to brush away the leaf you don’t want

Make and Autumn Wreath

1.) Get a plain straw wreath from your local craft shop
2.) Paint the wreath your favorite fall color(s)
3.) Simply tie various fall pattered ribbons around your wreath
*you can also glue (clear super glue)tiny pumpkins, gourds, buttons and metal objects you find to your wreath as you see fit.

Don’t forget the candles! They give your home a warm feeling!

Have fun with these quick and easy crafts! You may impress your friends and family with your creations or make a profit selling them. But whatever you do, promise us you’ll have a blast !!!


Article Written by:
Sherren Hill
Artist & Flight Attendant

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